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Langeland-Sterenberg Funeral Home is a family-owned business offering funeral and cremation services in Holland, MI and the surrounding areas. During the 100-year history of our funeral home, families have found comfort in our dedication to assisting with all aspects of the funeral service. Our mission is to provide a personal, meaningful, and healing experience for every family and be innovative, progressive, and proactive in designing a tribute to a life lived. Families who are suddenly faced with planning a funeral appreciate our assurance that our only obligation is to you, and we will attend to your needs at any hour of the day or night. Give us a call today at (616) 392-2306 and experience the excellent service that only we can offer.

Planning a funeral is a big undertaking, which is why families shouldn’t try to navigate this industry without support. Not only are you working through the grief of losing a loved one, but you also need to face a variety of decisions relating to funeral and cremation planning in Holland, MI.

Whether you need immediate services or are preparing for the future, a local funeral director can help. Enlisting the assistance of a professional team is the best thing you can do to reduce your stress and optimize the overall outcome.

Reach out any time if you would like more information or have questions about planning funeral services. We are just a phone call away and ready to support your family any time.

Incorporating Family Traditions in Funeral and Cremation in Holland, MI

Are there specific traditions or practices you would like to include in these services? Rest assured, knowing that our funeral planning team has experience with many types of events. We will make sure the services are designed to include the traditional elements of your choice.

Some families want to stick with tradition because it can be a calming experience to have familiar services. Other families want to change the pattern by planning unique funeral services instead. There isn’t a right or wrong answer. Instead, it’s essential that you consider your family traditions and then decide on the ideal services for your preferences and desires.

What Type of Service Do You Prefer?

The two most important elements in funeral planning are coordinating where the person will be laid to rest and the type of event you would like to share with friends and family. It’s necessary to choose either traditional burial or cremation. But you aren’t required to host a funeral or memorial if this event isn’t the right fit for your loved ones.

Keep in mind that there are many ways you can design funeral services. Just because you are choosing an event doesn’t mean that you must stick with a traditional service. In fact, there are many possibilities to hold a service and incorporate unique elements into the experience.

Traditional burial often involves a formal or semi-formal service, such as a program in the chapel of a funeral home or church. Other elements might also be included, including a funeral procession, graveside service, viewing, and more. On the other hand, you can also plan a traditional burial without scheduling an event. Direct burial is a lower-stress option for families who don’t want to host a funeral or memorial.

Cremation is another possibility that you might consider. There are two main options: direct cremation or cremation with a service. Direct cremation means that you don’t schedule a specific event. Instead, you are only paying for the cremation services without any extra support from the funeral home. Cremation with a service means that the cremation happens either before or after a funeral or memorial.

Choosing Funeral or Cremation Products

Once you decide on either burial or cremation, it’s time to pick products for these services. Cemetery burial requires the family to select a casket. Other costs include a vault, headstone, graveside services, and the cost of the burial plot.

If cremation is your service of choice, you can choose from various urn designs. For example, some of these urns are designed for cemetery burial. Or, you might select something with a beautiful design to be used as a memorial piece in your home.

A unique option is to choose keepsake items. These pieces can be designed as jewelry, display pieces, memorial items, and more. The key is to incorporate special details that help you hold onto the memories. For example, keepsakes might have a small area to hold a portion of the person’s ashes. Or, you can inscribe their name or a picture.

Administrative Support for Funeral Planning

Don’t underestimate the amount of administrative support your family needs for funeral and cremation planning in Holland, MI. Our staff members can take care of all the details, including permits, paperwork, death certificate requests, etc.

We also offer options for transfers and pick-ups, giving you a stress-free way to transfer your loved one to the funeral home. These services can also be coordinated for family members who need transportation to the cemetery or funeral venue.

Rest assured, knowing that our team takes care of all of the details before, during, and after the funeral service. We understand that this support is critical during your time of need. Not only are we available to answer your questions, but we take a proactive approach to guide the decisions you are making.

Schedule a Funeral Consultation

When it is time for funeral services, the first step is to book a consultation with our funeral director. Then, reach out to discuss available funeral and cremation planning solutions in Holland, MI

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

What are the benefits of funeral preplanning?
  • Some of the benefits of funeral preplanning include knowing that your loved ones won't have to deal with the stress of making arrangements during a difficult time, getting discounts on services, and locking in today's prices so that you don't have to worry about inflation.

What should I consider when choosing a funeral service?

  • The most important thing is to find a service that feels right for you and your loved one. You may want to consider the type of service, the location, the cost, and the logistics. It's important to talk to your family and friends about what they would like as well. They may have specific ideas or traditions they would like to follow. Learn more about funeral services.
What does a burial service involve?
  • Burial services can vary depending on the wishes of the family and loved ones of the deceased. However, in general, a burial service will involve a short ceremony at the graveside, where loved ones can say their final goodbyes. After the ceremony, family and friends may choose to place flowers or other mementos on or near the grave.

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